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Enw gwyddonol: Lychnis flos-cuculi
The pink, frayed flowers of Ragged-robin are an increasingly rare sight as our wild wetland habitats disappear. You can help: grow native plants in your garden and enjoy the hum of visiting insects.

Species information


Height: up to 75cm

Statws cadwraethol


Pryd i'w gweld

May to August


Swaying in a gentle breeze, the delicate, pink flowers of Ragged-robin can be a joy to behold in any wildflower meadow, damp pasture or woodland ride. But it's not just passing humans that benefit from its star-shaped blooms - bumblebees, butterflies and Honeybees all enjoy the nectar it produces. A favourite among gardeners, try planting Ragged-Robin in a boggy area or flower border and see who comes to visit.

Sut i'w hadnabod

Ragged-robin is a perennial. It has much-divided, pink flowers (hence the name 'Ragged') and narrow, grass-like leaves.


Found almost everywhere in the UK.

Roeddech chi yn gwybod?

Perhaps you don't know what to do with a waterlogged area of your garden, or you fancy extending the borders of your pond to make it more wildlife-friendly? If this is the case, a bog garden could be the ideal answer. Moisture-loving plants, such as Ragged-Robin, will thrive here, attracting dragonflies, bees and butterflies, which, in turn, bring frogs, toads and other animals. To find out more visit our Wild About Gardens website.

Sut y gall bobl helpu

The Wildlife Trusts manage many wetland nature reserves for the benefit of the wildlife they support. You can help by supporting your local Trust and becoming a member; you'll find out about exciting wildlife news, events on your doorstep and volunteering opportunities, and will be helping local wildlife along the way.