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Enw gwyddonol: Caltha palustris
The large, golden flowers of Marsh-marigold look like the cups of kings, hence its other name: 'Kingcup'. It favours damp spots, like ponds, meadows, marshes, ditches and wet woodlands.

Species information


Height: up to 50cm

Statws cadwraethol


Pryd i'w gweld

March to July


The large, golden flowers of Marsh-marigold certainly look like the cups of kings; indeed, the Latin name, Caltha,is derived from the Greek for 'goblet', and this plant is also commonly known as 'Kingcup'. It is a widespread flower of ponds, marshes, damp meadows, ditches and wet woodland and is a conspicuous spring flower. Marsh-marigold is also a good plant to add to a wildlife-friendly pond, providing shelter for frogs and early nectar for insects.

Sut i'w hadnabod

Marsh-marigold is a large buttercup-like flower that grows in wet places. It has very large, rounded, scalloped leaves.



Roeddech chi yn gwybod?

The spring-flowering of Marsh-marigold was considered a good omen on the Isle of Man, and the flowers, known as 'Mayflowers', were strewn on doorsteps. Today, Marsh-marigold is still brought into the house in spring by the islanders.

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