Celery-leaved buttercup

Celery-leaved Buttercup

©Dave Riseborough

Celery-leaved buttercup

Enw gwyddonol: Ranunculus sceleratus
Look out for the small, yellow flowers of Celery-leaved buttercup in wet meadows and at the edges of ponds and ditches. It flowers from May to September.

Species information


Height: up to 50cm

Statws cadwraethol


Pryd i'w gweld

May to September


Celery-leaved buttercup is a common plant of damp places, wet meadows and the edges of ponds and ditches, often clinging on even if the pond has dried out. Its tiny flowers appear from May to September.

Sut i'w hadnabod

Celery-leaved buttercup has yellow flowers with relatively small petals that appear in branched clusters. As its name suggests, it has celery-like leaves that are divided into three lobes.



Roeddech chi yn gwybod?

Although the name 'buttercup' is obvious considering the golden-yellow petals of the Ranunculaceaefamily, these flowers went by many other names before the 18th century, including 'Goldweed', 'Soldier buttons', 'Kingcup' and 'Crowpeckle', which is still in use today.

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