Cemlyn appeal

Cemlyn appeal

Giving Cemlyn a Wilder Future

Terns at NWWT Cemlyn nature reserve © Nia Haf Jones

Uncertain future for Cemlyn’s terns

Cemlyn Nature Reserve hosts the only colony of Sandwich terns in Wales.

Without 24/7 protection during the breeding season, there is every chance that the colony will fail.

We need £30,000 to continue to provide wardens for Cemlyn.

You can protect Cemlyn’s future

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Cemlyn is sometimes referred to as the jewel in the crown of Anglesey's Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Its unique shingle ridge, re-sculpted each year by sea and storm, shelters a shallow, brackish lagoon and several islets.  In summer months, these host the only colony of Sandwich terns in Wales, breeding alongside their common and Arctic cousins.

Crucial to the tern colony’s success has been the employment of seasonal wardens.  This has previously been financed by a range of measures, including a very generous subscription from an individual supporter.  Sadly, this has recently, and suddenly, come to an end – and Cemlyn’s terns now face a very uncertain future.

We want to ensure that our terns have a future at Cemlyn and that this recent season of wardening is not the last.  Without your help, there is the very real threat that it will be.

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Did you know?

Because of the international importance of the tern colony, North Wales Wildlife Trust have scientifically monitored it for almost 40 years.

Predatory gulls and raptors or humans and dogs walking unguided along the ridge can cause adults to desert their nests, leading to thousands of eggs not hatching, chicks dying and colony collapse.

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