Autumn woodlands

Where to see Autumn woodlands

Common beech woodland in autumn - Mark Hamblin 2020Vision

Autumn woodlands

Autumn is a time of hunting for conkers, kicking through great drifts of fallen leaves, roasting chestnuts, and roaring bonfires. The woodlands are transforming; the once green leaves taking on fiery shades; bursts of red and purple berries and shiny brown acorns and nuts tempting thrushes and squirrels. Winter is around the corner, so everyone is making the most of the last warm days, and what better place to do that than in one of our wonderful woods?

Summer’s lush green woodlands turn into a riot of golden yellows, blazing oranges, and deep sunset reds as the days get colder.

Find a woodland near you

With woodland sites throughout North Wales, you're spoilt for choice! Nantporth near Bangor or Bryn Pydew near Llandudno are easily accessible spots, but our favourite is the beautiful, wild Coed Crafnant.  However, this Welsh rainforest is not for the faint hearted - go prepared for a walk in rugged upland country, and always remember that it'll be worth it!

What to look out for

Through the colourful canopy you might catch a glimpse of a soaring bird of prey and in the woods jays are screeching back and forth, hoarding acorns for the winter to come. Busy flocks of tits tumble through the canopy, always hungry, always moving; the ivy flowers are a-buzz with hoverflies, wasps, honey bees, and the last red admiral of the season. Autumn woods are wonderful places: just be prepared for an adventure. 

If you can’t get to these places

There are woods close at hand for everyone. Get out to your local woodlands and enjoy them!

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