Living landscapes


Living Landscapes

Wrexham Industrial Estate Living Landscape panorama - Sky Cat

A joined up approach

Nature reserves alone are not enough to save our native wildlife. To enable wildlife to thrive we need to create connected Living Landscapes where wildlife habitats are bigger, better managed and more joined-up.

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Living Landscape Schemes in North Wales

Our vision is to help create landscapes within which wildlife thrives and people prosper together within a clean, healthy and sustainable environment. North Wales Wildlife Trust has three Living Landscape schemes, which are located: in the Anglesey Fens; along the Alyn and Wheeler river valleys (near Mold); and around the Wrexham Industrial Estate.

What is a Living Landscape?


  • Core areas of high quality wildlife habitat: the vital sanctuaries from which wildlife will be able to re-colonise the wider landscape once it is restored.

  • Connections between core areas, or the potential to create them.  Continuous corridors of suitable habitat act as ‘wildlife highways’, allowing species to travel through areas disturbed by human influence; whilst ‘stepping stones’ – smaller, unconnected natural areas – act as stop-off points for wildlife on the move.
  • Opportunities to increase permeability across the whole landscape: recognising that, whilst not everything may be pristine habitat, we can make changes to the way all land is managed so that it is easier for wildlife to re-colonise the landscape.

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