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The proposed A55-A548 'Red Route' link road will tear through the landscape of Flintshire. If we don’t stop it, this 13km dual carriageway will damage and destroy wildlife habitats in its path, such as great crested newt ponds, wildflower-rich meadows and centuries-old hedgerows.

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More about the Red Route

This is by far the largest new highway proposal in the whole of Wales. 

Is a new highway the only option?

The Welsh Government claims to have undertaken adequate research into the traffic modelling and appraisal processes and has chosen to continue with plans for a new road. Whilst we recognise that there are problems at times with congestion in this area, we are not convinced that this solution will address the problems; we are confident that they could be addressed using imaginative sustainable solutions that do not require the creation of this new road and instead, help us build a more resilient Wales. 

What would the impact of the new highway be?

The new dual carriageway would:

  • cause irreparable damage to our wildlife and landscape heritage - ripping through ancient woodland, wildflower meadows and old hedgerows, right across the landscape
  • Threaten native species such as bats, owls, great crested newts and badgers
  • Destroy massive areas of precious farmland - including an award-winning organic farm - and destroy viable farm holdings
  • Damage businesses and livelihoods, which are already suffering as a result of the Covid pandemic
  • Sever and damage local communities

The Route of the Red Route: (opens a PDF from Wales Government website)

We're stronger together ...

The North Wales Wildlife Trust are part of the Stamp Out The Red Route Campaign Group which represents 15 NGOs and local communities.

Iolo Williams, conservationist and TV presenter, is helping to lead the fight against the Welsh Government’s proposals for the construction of the climate-busting A55-A548 ‘Red Route’ in Flintshire... watch his video message below.

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Wildlife under threat

Leadbrook woods and meadows are home to a wide range of plants and animals including otter, owls and bats