Birds of prey

Where to see birds of prey

Marsh harrier - Donald Sutherland


Raptors and owls are the highly-skilled hunters of the avian world. Whether it's nest building, courtship displays, aerial prowess or high-speed ambush flights you’re after, birds of prey offer magnificent spectacles at all times of year, even during the depths of winter. 

Find raptor sites near you

Gors Maen Llwyd, adjacent to Llyn Brenig and Cors Goch on Anglesey are two of our nature reserves where you can search for a variety of raptors including buzzards, marsh harriers and sparrowhawks.

What to look for

Whether it is over the moorland of Gors Maen Llwyd or the reedbeds of Cors Goch, you will need to be looking to the sky for the unmistakable outline of a bird of prey. Watch out for large, broad winged birds such as the buzzard or be alert for the speeding, scythe wing shape of a sparrowhawk as it chases smalls birds. 

If you can't get to these places

It’s still possible to enjoy birds of prey close to home. Whether it is a red kite, twisting her tail as she steers with insolent ease across the sky, a kestrel hovering over a roadsideverge or the mewling call of the buzzard above fields and woodland, raptors are all around us. 

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