Where to see a nightjar

Nightjar adult brooding chicks - David Tipling 2020Vision


The nocturnal nightjar is one of our strangest birds. A wide-mouthed, insect-eating summer visitor to heathlands and young conifer plantations, they spend their days sitting on the floor, where they also nest. Cryptically camouflaged in greys and browns, they look just like a fallen log and are almost impossible to spot during the day. But at dusk, a strange sound starts up: a mechanical whirring, almost like a distant engine, and just as the darkness arrives, the nightjar appears.

Experience the eerie mechanical call and wing-slapping display of the nightjar in heaths and woodland clearings.

Find nightjars near you

Gwaith Powdwr and Cors Bodgynydd are great places to hear nightjars. Why not visit for a summer evening and enjoy the amazing landscapes as the sun sets and dusk brings out bats, moths and nightjars? Or join us on one of our regular evening walks. 

How to do it

From April and May, nightjars nest on the ground on heathland and in young conifer woods. Arrive before dusk, and find a good spot on the heath with as wide a view as possible, preferably with open skies: it’s a lot easier to spot the birds in silhouette than amongst the dark trees. As darkness falls, the nightjar appears: almost falcon-like in shape, with a silhouette of long stiff wings and a long tail, and a jerky flight across the sky. Listen out for the odd churring song and odd claps of wings: a male nightjar, displaying to attract the nearby females.

As with all ground-nesting birds, stay on footpaths and leave the dog at home. Rumour has it that patrolling male nightjars will come to investigate if you wave a white handkerchief in the air. Give it a go!

If you can't get to these places

Night-time can be a great time to be out in the woods wherever you live. Listen for owls hooting, foxes screaming, maybe a badger blundering through the undergrowth. You may be surprised at how many birds wake up for a short song half way through the night. If you particularly want to hear the distinctive churring of the nightjar, check out some great film clips on the BBC website

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