Summer wildlife

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Summer wildlife

Bee_Lauren Heather

Summertime specials

Summer is a time of colour. By day, colours zip and dart along the waterside as kingfishers and dragonflies go about their business of hunting. Butterflies flit between flowers, reptiles bask in the sun, and seabirds clamour on the cliffsides. The activity goes on under cover of darkness - bats sweep swiftly through the air, tawny owls call and nightjars churr, while glow-worms adorn the night with pinpricks of light.


Nightjar adult brooding chicks - David Tipling 2020Vision


Sandwich tern flying with eel to nest - Bertie Gregory 2020VISION

Wildflower meadows

Dragonflies and damselflies

Male Banded demoiselle - Vicky Nall