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Anglesey Fens

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Cors Goch nature reserve - Chris Wynne

8,000 hectares
17 orchid species
2nd largest area of fen in the UK
1 Special Area of Conservation

The complex geology of limestone and coarse sandstone in the east of Anglesey supports fen habitat, a rare type of wetland fed by underground aquifers. These special habitats support rare species such as fly orchid, narrow-leaved marsh orchid, southern damselfly and medicinal leech.

This wild fen habitat and its abundant wildlife was once extensive on Anglesey but much has been lost and what remains is fragmented, and vulnerable to pollution from many sources.

To aid the long-term survival of the fens, the Living Landscape project is going to operate in the wider landscape with landowners to improve the connection between sites, offer new opportunities for wildlife and reduce pollution flowing into the fens.

More about this scheme can be found here ...

Anglesey Fens map (c) NWWT

Anglesey Fens map (c) NWWT

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Throughout 2019 we undertook a wide range of conservation actions, thanks to landowners and a huge number of volunteers for getting involved. The outcome of this work can be seen in the graphic below and will be felt for years to come. If you would like to get involved in our work in the area please click on the button below.

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Anglesey Fens Impact Report 2019