New wildlife at Aberduna Nature Reserve – us!

Volunteers at Aberduna nature reserve

We have new office and workshop facilities – all achieved through the skills and time of our amazing volunteer team …

Volunteers don’t only support North Wales Wildlife Trust through nature reserve management – they’ve shown us how to put up guttering, plaster and paint, remove walls and clear drains!  A team of over 20 handy local heroes, led by star volunteer Richard Ewing and closely aided by the practical expertise of Peter Aiken, have turned a derelict quarry office into a bright and clean office for our staff at Aberduna Nature Reserve, near Mold.  What an amazing commitment to our cause – all re-affirming the critical position of volunteers at the heart of the Wildlife Trust.

Volunteers at Aberduna nature reserve

© Les Starling

Creating the office has been a long and slow job.   When we started on the venture in 2014, we had an idea of what the costs might be – and, if we had managed to complete the lease and start work then, it is even possible that our predictions would have been about right.  However, since then, we found obstacles in our way (such as electricity having been cut off, and legal delays), so it wasn’t until December 2017 that our lease was actually signed.    Even once the building became ours, we found the water had been cut off and drainage damaged, and discovered new-found concerns about whether we could get a decent internet connection at this rural location.   Indeed, there were many times when we nearly lost faith that this project would ever be completed, or doubted whether we should indeed be continuing with it.  Only the energy of the volunteers and the vision for a new office and workshop based on a nature reserve kept us going.

The Trust could simply not have afforded pay for the work that has been undertaken – it is solely thanks to the time and efforts of volunteers that our staff are now moved in, and can re-double their efforts to protect and promote wildlife in north-east Wales.  Thank you so much, everyone!

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Why not become a local hero and volunteer with the Wildlife Trust yourself?  As you can see, we value all sorts of skills!