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A volunteer work party at Cemlyn in 1973

Terns of the tide

Many terns prefer to nest in coastal habitats and so can be vulnerable to high tides and storms. As we celebrate Cemlyn's 50th anniversary as a nature reserve we take a look at the history of…

Cemlyn NWWT Nature Reserve at High Tide

A flying start

A look back into the story behind the 'mysterious' walled premises at the west end of the shingle ridge and how Captain Vivian Hewitt came to be an important character in the history of…

A large flock of terns takes flight at Cemlyn

Cemlyn Provides a Safe Haven

The Cemlyn tern colony is currently at record numbers - a really wild spectacle. With recent local media coverage about the desertion of the Skerries tern colony, and the question “where have all…

Cemlyn Nature Reserve

Contemplating Cemlyn

The fragility and tenuous chain of events that have allowed Cemlyn to be the only breeding Sandwich tern colony in Wales is an amazing story.