Update from Llyn Brenig

Update from Llyn Brenig

Osprey (c) Peter Cairns/2020Vision

Update 17/06/2019

Despite the wet and windy weather BLUE24 and HR7 are getting on with rearing their chicks. HR7 is bringing in a good supply of fish from both Llyn Brenig and further afield, and on a few occasions BLUE24 was also seen fishing in Llyn Brenig. We noticed that BLUE24 now sometimes lets HR7 feed their chicks, it was great seeing both of them feeding the chicks together. On one day we noticed that BLUE 24 had been off the nest a little longer than usual and were beginning to get a bit concerned but she flew back onto the nest when she saw HR7 coming in with a fish, she must have been watching the nest from a nearby tree branch. Saturday we saw BLUE24 catch a fish and was feeding the chicks when HR7 flew out, came back with a fish and then went down on the beach by the nest to eat it.

BLUE24 and HR7 now tend to fly around together near and above the nest, this is just amazing to watch, and with our new scopes more people can enjoy this spectacle. Both BLUE24 and HR7 go down in the water bathing and splashing around. Yesterday (Sunday) we watched BLUE24 go out 3 times and bring back a stick for the nest, the 4th time she brought back a fish, and all this happened in 5 minutes.

This week, weather permitting we will be at Llyn Brenig Thursday to Sunday from 11am with our scopes for you to see these amazing birds. Why not come and pay us and the Ospreys a visit at Llyn Brenig, have something to eat at the café in the Llyn Brenig Visitor Centre and then pop and see BLUE24 and HR7 again on your way out.