Introducing Sam!

Introducing Sam!

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Digital Communications and Marketing intern Sam shares his experiences with nature and wildlife in North Wales and how the outdoors has helped his own mental health.

Hi there. My name’s Sam and I’m the trust’s Digital Marketing and Communication Intern. This is my second job within the digital sector but the first working for a charity. I’ve lived in North Wales for all 22 years of my life and its landscapes and wildlife still manage to impress me every day. As such, it’s a pleasure to now be tasked with marketing this beautiful area and urging as many people as possible to support the land in any way they can.

Sam Finnegan-Dehn digital communications and marketing intern


One of my ambitions for the time I have here is to demonstrate why charities concerned with nature have a certain uniqueness about them. What’s special about charities like the North Wales Wildlife Trust is that when you support them, I believe you’re actually supporting yourself as well. The natural world and all its species have a special connection with humans and research is now starting to really show how fantastic nature is for our health and wellbeing. I can attest to the drastically beneficial effect the natural world can have on your wellbeing. In fact, in looking back at moments in life when I was struggling with my health, in every one, there is a parallel memory of how nature helped me recover. Whether it was surfing in icy water, listening to birdsong in forests and by rivers, trekking across hills or even just gardening – they all left me, in some way, being healthier and happier.

Emily Davies, Ogwen Valley

That’s why I decided to create a Health & Wellbeing web page for the Trust. I wanted to spread the word about the health benefits of nature and encourage everyone to connect with it. Hopefully, the web page and this blog can provide you with an extra bit of motivation to venture outside today. To stay up-to-date on all thing’s health and wellbeing at the Trust, sign up to our newsletter and keep an eye on our social media channels.