Osprey Update 14/07/2019


Osprey Update 14/07/2019



WOW- What an exciting, amazing and spectacular day, KA5 (Roli) is now flying and he seems to love it.

BLUE 24 and HR7 spent a lot of time this morning on the nest with KA5 (Roli) and flying above and around the nest, then at 12.37 we watched KA5 helicoptering. Just after 1pm HR7 left the nest, 8 minutes later he returned with a fish and BLUE24 fed KA5. Afterwards we had some great displays with BLUE24 and HR7 flying above the trees and over the nest, then just before 3pm KA5 decided to give it a go and took off, yes, KA5 (Roli) fledged. A few minutes later BLUE24, HR7 and KA5 all came back to the nest together, watching them land on the nest was just breath taking. We all thought we’d had a fantastic day watching the Osprey but this was just half of it, what followed was truly amazing.

At 15.50 the whole family left the nest and we watched BLUE24, HR7 and KA5 flying around together on the skyline for the first time, spectacular! At five past four HR7 came back to the nest perch, then at quarter past we found BLUE24 on top of a tree, but WHERE’S KA5? Everyone was frantically looking through scopes and binoculars trying to locate him, we found him 10minutes later in a tree between BLUE24 and HR7 – everybody was so relieved!

Eventually BLUE24 moved onto another tree closer to KA5 and HR7 went onto the nest edge. Some minutes later they had decided it was time for KA5 to be back in the nest so BLUE24 went right alongside KA5 and he flew onto the nest (although he didn’t seem that keen) followed by BLUE24. We left with all 3 of them on the nest.

BLUE24 and HR7 are great parents and Da Iawn Roli (KA5)

The Osprey family will be with us until at least the end of August so come along and watch these wonderful birds through our scopes and share some great moments with us at the North Wales Wildlife Trust Osprey Hub at Llyn Brenig, just passed the Sailing Club. It is a free event and everyone is welcome.