Latest Osprey Update

Osprey (c) Peter Cairns/2020Vision

Update 17/07/2019


The weather was not good at Llyn Brenig today, 17th but before the rain we did manage to watch KA5 (Roli) fishing again. It was spectacular to watch but also makes you realise how quickly these birds have to learn survival skills.

As he left the nest perch we tracked him with the scopes, KA5 (Roli) flew upwards, we first thought he was going for a fly around but then soon realised this was another fishing attempt. We excitedly watched as he went up quite high and then started to come down towards the water with his feet out and head down, wow, this time he was diving….. only he then changed his mind and swooped around in a large circle instead. He didn’t give up though, just switched tactics, he had another go but this time flew parallel over the water and made a grab for a fish, we actually saw his feet go into the water, it was awesome to watch, no fish but he’s trying!

The weather then got the better of us all, the wind increased, the rain came in and visibility was poor. BLUE24, HR7 and KA5 (Roli) were perched deep in the trees so reluctantly we decided to call it a day!

The Osprey family will be with us until at least the end of August so come along and watch these wonderful birds through our scopes and share some great moments with us at the North Wales Wildlife Trust Osprey Hub at Llyn Brenig, just passed the Sailing Club. It is a free event and everyone is welcome.