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Scientific name: Umbilicus rupestris
The disc-shaped leaves and straw-coloured flower spikes of Navelwort help to identify this plant. As does its habitat - look for it growing from crevices in rocks, walls and stony areas.

Species information


Height: up to 15cm

Conservation status


When to see

June to August


Navelwort is a distinctive plant that can be found growing from crevices in walls, stony banks and rocky areas, particularly in shady or damp places. It has fleshy, disc-shaped leaves and upright, straw-coloured flower spikes that appear from June to August.

How to identify

Navelwort has round, green, succulent leaves that look like coins, and straw-coloured, thin, candle-like flower spikes.


Mainly found in Wales, South West England and Northern Ireland.

Did you know?

Navelwort is so-named because the flower spike grows from the centre of the leaf, leaving a dimple, just like a navel!

How people can help

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