Sea mouse

Sea mouse

Scientific name: Aphrodita aculeata
This strange furry creature often found washed ashore after storms is actually a kind of worm!

Species information


Length: Average 7-15cm, rarely up to 30cm

Conservation status


When to see

January to December


The Sea mouse is marine worm. Its body is covered in bristles - giving it a furry appearance. At the fringes are beautiful iridescent bristles which shimmer blue, green and gold. The Sea mouse is an active predator, hunting small crabs and other worms on the seabed.

How to identify

A large furry creature - unlike anything else in the sea. It is an oval shaped worm covered in grey bristles, the edges fringed with iridescent bristles that appear blue, green and gold.


Found around all UK coasts.

Did you know?

The Sea mouse gets its scientific name from Aphrodite - the Greek Goddess of Love.

How people can help

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