Wildflower verge damaged …

Wildflower verge damaged ... but Mark Greenhough, Wrexham Industrial Estate Living Landscape project officer, explains how good can come from bad.

Many of you will have seen a story recently on social media, or in the local North Wales press, about a wildflower verge outside Village Bakery’s building on Wrexham Industrial Estate being cut down.  In has since turned out that this was done accidentally by contractors working on behalf of Wrexham County Borough Council, who have apologised for the unfortunate error.  While this is clearly a regrettable incident, there are still many more wildflower areas thriving in and around the local area.

The verge in question was one of three created by North Wales Wildlife Trust’s Wrexham Industrial Estate Living Landscape project.  At Village Bakery’s premises, there are a further two wildflower areas thriving – looking very attractive at this time of year, and providing habitat for bees and many other insect species.  In addition to this site, the Wildlife Trust are working with many other businesses on the estate, alongside other local groups, to create and maintain other wildflower areas across the Wrexham area.

Wildflower meadow on the Wrexham Industrial Estate Living Landscape project

Wildflower meadow on the Wrexham Industrial Estate Living Landscape project © Mark Greenhough

What was remarkable and encouraging about the story was the reaction from local people.  On Village Bakery’s Facebook page alone it got hundreds of comments and shares: clearly showing that people care passionately about their local environment, and the work done by the Wildlife Trust and others to improve it for wildlife.  We certainly don’t want any more verges to be cut to demonstrate this again, but long may wildflowers continue to be so popular with the public!

For more information about the Wrexham Industrial Estate Living Landscape project, including opportunities to volunteer, visit the Wildlife Trust’s website and Facebook page.