Wrexham Industrial Estate Living Landscape

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Wrexham Industrial Estate Living Landscape

Due to its unique history the Wrexham Industrial Estate is an important haven for wildlife. As it is an industrial estate it presents an excellent opportunity to try to properly integrate the needs of the economy, the environment and society in a genuinely mutually beneficial way.

We are working with local businesses and other partners to make the landscape within and around the industrial estate more permeable to wildlife, more accessible for people, and more attractive to businesses whilst also improving the health and wellbeing of employees and nearby communities.

Activities include; Wildflower meadow management, hedge creation, nest box placement, road verge management, habitat creation for grizzled skipper butterflies, and restoration of footpaths.

The latest project under this scheme is the Biodiversity Means Business Project, funded by the Welsh Government through the European Rural Development Fund. More about this scheme can be found here ...

If you would like to help wildlife in the Wrexham Industrial Estate Living Landscape or wish to support the project as a corporate sponsor, please contact:

Mark Greenhough, Living Landscape (Wrexham) Project Officer
Twitter: @wieproject

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