Recycle your snack packs with us!

Recycle your snack packs with us!

Dawn Thomas

It’s probably obvious to all that the Wildlife Trust is, well, a wildlife conservation charity. Issues around the disposal of waste, and marine litter in particular, certainly cross into our ‘territory’ – but others often take the lead on recycling and the like. Recently, however, we’ve decided to do our bit, too!

We’ve partnered with Terracycle to become a drop-off location for three snack-related recycling programmes.  (Any accusations that this is because our staff eat too many snacks are, of course, utterly false.)  You can now deliver your clean crisp packet; biscuit, cracker and cake wrappers; and Pringles® cans to our Bangor office!  What’s more, once we’ve packaged them up, we can earn a bit of money for wildlife through arranging to have them recycled.

For more information on exactly what is accepted, visit and browse to the relevant programme.  You’ll see that there are many more than our three – we’re starting small, with a view to growing.

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