Nature’s recovery at heart of election demands

Nature’s recovery at heart of election demands

Wales representatives at the Time is Now Mass Lobby, Houses of Parliament, June 2019

The General Election is a crucial moment for wildlife. What can you do to help create a wilder future?

Thousands of people have been calling for politicians to stand up for nature, and this election is a chance to turn up the volume.  Although the UK Government has less power over the environment here in Wales, we can still all urge parties and their candidates to act decisively to help turn things around across the UK and beyond.

What’s more, the momentum for change is growing. A recent YouGov poll showed that two-thirds of people agree that the environment and climate emergency is the biggest issue facing humankind and more than half (54%) said it would affect how they vote at the upcoming election.  

North Wales Wildlife Trust is contacting parliamentary candidates and asking them to commit to the kinds of ambitious measures that will guarantee wildlife’s recovery by ensuring that the following policies are at the heart of their party’s manifesto:

  • Commitment to introduce ambitious new environmental laws putting nature’s recovery at the heart of the UK Government’s work, with legally binding targets for nature and the creation of a Nature Recovery Network to create and restore habitats.
  • Introduction of sustainable new policies supporting land managers and farmers in delivering wide public benefits, including abundant nature and resilient ecosystems, healthy soils, clean water and natural climate change mitigation.

The development of a new Marine Strategy in England and the implementation of Highly Protected Marine Areas to revive our seas.

Why not ask your local candidates the following questions, and reassure yourself that your party of choice will support nature’s recovery?

1. How will you and your party act decisively to tackle the crisis in the natural environment?

2. What will you and your party do to support farmers in contributing to nature's recovery?

3. What will your party do to protect and revive our seas?