Llyn Brenig Ospreys – headlines from 2019 …

Llyn Brenig Ospreys – headlines from 2019 …

Osprey (c) Peter Cairns/2020Vision

Read a summary of the amazing journey of these special birds – from arrival to migration …

Ospreys were hunted to extinction in Britain returning to Scotland in 1954, and in 2004 a pair bred in North Wales on the Glaslyn nest, Porthmadog.
During 2013 and 2014 Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water erected 5 Osprey nesting platforms at Llyn Brenig where in 2017 BLUE24 and HR7 spent the summer and returned in 2018 raising one female chick, BLUEZ9, named LUNED.

Ospreys on nest

Ospreys on nest © Gary Jones Wildlife Photography

2019 and this years journey began with enormous relief as we welcomed back BLUE24 and HR7 on March 23rd. A joyous moment on the afternoon of April 19th, BLUE24 began sitting on eggs. HR7 was bringing her fish and occasionally take over egg duty until the May 26th when, to our sheer delight, a chick hatched.
Fishing and feeding followed with the occasional glance of a fast growing chick’s head popping up. Ringing on 27th June and ‘it’s a boy’ BLUEKA5 named ROLI, a feisty fellow, got his mum’s character.
By July 3rd Roli was on the nest edge flapping his wings, July 12th spectacularly helicoptering and July 14th we watched him fledge and later witnessed the awesome sight of the whole family flying together for the first time.
July 16th Roli attempted fishing and on July 29th caught a fish. The family were now enjoying the freedom of the skies, flying around together returning to the nest occasionally. Then migration, Blue24 left on August 26th followed by Roli and then HR7 both on September 7th.
We wait to welcome back BLUE24 and HR7 next March and more offspring in 2020.

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