Cors Goch is blooming lovely!

Cors Goch is blooming lovely!

Heath spotted orchid - Philip Precey

Now is one of the best times to see Cors Goch National Nature Reserve on Anglesey. Major improvements have been made to the footpaths, way-marking and the boardwalk – why not visit and see for yourself?

Cors Goch is not only one of the most amazing places in North Wales to see a range of orchid species (northern marsh, fragrants, and many more …) but, with our newly installed boardwalk taking you on a lovely ramble through the wetland, it is now even easier to get up close and personal to wildlife that likes to get its feet wet. You can see water-loving flowers such as the beautiful bog-bean and the intriguing fly-catching bladderworts and butterworts; come upon quiet pools with shimmering damsel and dragonflies; and catch the unique scent of bog myrtle which fringes the wetland edge.

Across the fen is the extensive willow clearance we have carried out to give the open wetland-loving plants and animals a better habitat to thrive. Newly way-marked paths will take you up onto the drier areas of the nature reserve, where plants such as salad burnet and bird’s-foot trefoil mark out the limestone rock underfoot and heather shows the more acid sandstone areas. You might catch sight of the smart stonechat perching on a gorse bush, or even a lizard basking on bare rock!

Recent funds from Biffa Award have also allowed us to make improvements to the traditional Bryn Golau cottage, including the restoration of the huge old fireplace and oven. This will be a place for people to enjoy, whether through wildlife events or volunteering to maintain the nature reserve.  

Do you have some time to spare?
Cors Goch, like all our nature reserves, is open throughout the year for visitors to enjoy. However, if you are able to offer a little bit more time, volunteering is an even more wonderful way to show your love for this amazing site! We run regular sessions where you can get involved in a range of activities – no experience necessary. Simply register on our website to receive the latest information about what’s happening and when.

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