Coming to you LIVE from Cemlyn

Coming to you LIVE from Cemlyn

Terns flying at Cemlyn ©Ben Stammers

The Sandwich terns are back in their numbers at Cemlyn, and we’ll be going LIVE on the 22nd May at 10am to share the amazing atmosphere with you!

Throughout the months of April and May, we are rewarded with longer (and hopefully warmer) days, and with these brings the spectacular sight of the returning terns to our Cemlyn reserve. We are very lucky to host the only breeding colony of Sandwich terns in Wales, and nestled in with amongst these, you’ll find common and Arctic terns too and maybe even spot the rarest tern of all, the Roseate tern. Every year brings excitement, as the new season unfolds. As the terns settle in, dances of courtship begin along with sorting out their nest scrapes (a shallow depression in the land). Before too long they’ll be popping out two or three eggs and finally, the hatching of tiny, fluffy and quite un-coordinated chicks which need feeding relentlessly. 

Tern feeding chick

Tern feeding chick ©Richard Stead

Yes, it’s go go go for those terns once they arrive, which is quite remarkable considering the journey they have to undertake to make it back to their breeding grounds. Sandwich and common terns migrate north from Africa, whilst Arctic terns, are aptly named due to their migration from pole to pole. Some don’t make it quite as far, but they certainly soar a long way. 

Last year was a fascinating season at Cemlyn, which kept us on the edge of our seats. As The Skerries colony (3Km off the North coast of Anglesey) failed, a great influx of mostly Arctic and some common terns began to squeeze into what little space was left on the breeding islands at Cemlyn. With such a busy year, it meant there was plenty of action, including regular visits from the peregrine, incredible dreads (in which the colony gets spooked and all the birds rise into the air), and a great cacophony of noise.  

In the second of our ‘Wonderworld Wanders’  (live sessions from the shore), we will be broadcasting from Cemlyn to discuss bird migrations, chatting to the wardens, and catching up with the latest from the tern colony. 

Join us for this extra special LIVE session as we celebrate Cemlyn’s 50th anniversary! 

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Trwyn Cemlyn

Trwyn Cemlyn ©Ben Stammers