Llyn Brenig Osprey Update


Osprey Update 12/08/2019



This is ROLI (KA5) last Friday the 9th on the nest perch. As sightings are still a bit of a challenge we are trying to take photos when they are about, this one shows just how fast and how much KA5(ROLI) is growing. We’ll post a different photo from the Osprey family album each update.

All 3 Ospreys are still flying around as a family together in the skies, still often seen over Gors Maen Llwyd (NWWT reserve adjoining Llyn Brenig) and returning to the nest. Family life still revolves around KA5 (ROLI), sometimes he is seen out with HR7 and at times enjoying flying around putting on an amazing aerobatic display with both parents. He also spends some time with BLUE24 on the nest and perch.

It is BLUE 24 we see most on the nest, flying from one side to the other and YES, STILL BRINGING IN STICKS! We watch her preening and occasionally she leaves the nest, picks up a fish and back to the nest, blink and you miss it! HR7 and KA5(ROLI) are seen flying back to the nest together but KA5(ROLI) also has sometimes been returning to the nest alone and sharing these moments with him is just brilliant!

Last Friday we watched him fly alone to the nest perch where he spent time preening, he then decided he wanted attention from his parents so he flew to the other nest perch and was calling continuously. HR7 must have got the message, he returned, dropped a fish into the nest for KA5(ROLI) and flew off again. KA5(ROLI) may have caught a fish or two but HR7 is still bringing in fish for him. BLUE24 returned to the nest while KA5(ROLI) was eating his fish, she moved from the back perch to the front one from where she spent some time looking down into the lake. She suddenly took off, left the nest and returned to the tree perch with a fish, we are still not sure whether she had picked up KA5(ROLI)’s leftovers or caught a fish for herself.

When we left HR7 was still out, BLUE24 was eating her fish on one end of the tree perch with KA5(ROLI) keeping her company on the other end of the same perch.