Plant trees a-plenty in 2020!

Plant trees a-plenty in 2020!

Volunteer tree planting on the Wrexham Industrial Estate Living Landscape

This week is National Tree Week (Saturday 28 to Sunday 6 December) - find out how can you take part in the UK’s biggest annual tree celebration!

This week is National Tree Week and it’s the UK’s biggest annual tree celebration. Its aim is to raise awareness about the importance of woodlands and encourage communities to do more to help their local environment by planting as many trees as possible.

National Tree Week evolved from a campaign called “Plant a Tree in ‘73”, which was established in 1973 in response to Dutch Elm Disease and the impact it had on elm trees in the UK. The campaign encouraged people to plant trees throughout the year and was so successful that The Tree Council was founded the following year in order to continue the movement. National Tree Week is now celebrated annually at the end of November when the tree planting season starts.

It’s crucial that we look after our woodlands because they’re a vital part of our ecosystem. Trees produce oxygen and take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which helps control climate change. They also give out nutrients in the soil which enables other plants to grow and are an important habitat and food source for many animals.

Get involved ...

The main focus of National Tree Week is to plant and look after woodlands - and the best part is that anyone can get involved! For a more hands-on approach, why not come along to one of our volunteer workdays, or check out our oak tree planting activity sheet and get the whole family to join in! Alternatively, you can visit one of our many woodland nature reserves such as Coed Crafnant, Nantporth or Bryn Pydew and appreciate the beauty of trees in autumn.

(P.S: We live in uncertain times, so don’t worry if you can’t get involved this week - tree planting season extends right up until March!)