Ospreys at Llyn Brenig

Ospreys on nest © Gary Jones Wildlife Photography

Osprey Update 22nd May 2020
We have a chick.


Wonderful news, BLUE24 and HR7 have their first chick of 2020, we think it hatched yesterday, Thursday 21st May. 

While BLUE24 is sitting on the nest HR7 is busy bringing in extra fish to feed the extra mouth. It was such a great experience watching HR7 return to the nest with fish and hand it over to BLUE24 who wasted no time in feeding it to their hungry chick.

It was blowing a gale at Brenig today and visibility wasn’t the best which unfortunately reflects in the quality of the footage but we really wanted to share this moment with you all.

We did manage to capture HR7 returning with a fish and BLUE24’s head bobbing up and down as she tears off pieces to feed their chick. Hope you enjoy watching this footage as much as we do.

Hopefully we will be able to confirm more chicks over the coming days.