Ospreys at Llyn Brenig

Ospreys on nest © Gary Jones Wildlife Photography

Update 17th April 2020


Great news, it looks very likely that BLUE24 is sitting on an egg judging by the length of time she sat constantly on the nest, it may well be more, we’re certainly hoping so!

Despite HR7 returning to the Brenig nest 2 weeks later this year if there are eggs then they have arrived earlier than last year when the first egg came on 19/4/19.

Whilst waiting for HR7 to return BLUE24 had eagerly got on with preparing their nest in readiness for eggs. HR7, as always, is looking after her well, often on the perch keeping her company.

However this domestic bliss was briefly interrupted yesterday (17th) morning, whilst checking on the nest they both suddenly took to the air, flying directly upwards into the sky. This sudden speedy take off was due to an intruder.

A third osprey was flying around above the nest. But it took just 4 minutes for them to see off it off and BLUE24 was back on the nest and HR7 returned to her on the perch. (see video below).

The identitity of this third osprey will have to remain a mystery. It was too far away to work out who it was. Could it have been Luned paying a visit? We will never know.

“We monitor the wellbeing of the Brenig ospreys as part of our essential conservation work, including taking quick photos to verify observations. We are on site as rarely and for as little time as possible, and write our public updates only once back at home. Please do not visit Llyn Brenig which is closed, or Gors Maen Llwyd Nature Reserve until government guidelines permit.”




HR7 on perch with BLUE24 in the nest.