Ospreys at Llyn Brenig 20/7/21 Update

Ospreys at Llyn Brenig 20/7/21 Update


Brenig Update 20/7/21



Late evening and early morning are the best times to catch LM6 and LJ2 at the Brenig nest site.

Activity on the perch started early last night with LJ2 arriving at 8.40pm followed by LM6 at about 9.15pm. LJ2 briefly flies off and returns before they both go off together, only for LM6 to pop back a few minutes later to settle down on the perch for the night, her usual bedtime around 10pm.

This morning began with LM6 waking up on the perch to be joined by LJ2 just after 4am. As a flock of birds came over at about 4.45am, LM6 flew off, LJ2 stayed a little longer leaving just before 5am.