Ospreys at Llyn Brenig


Llyn Brenig Update 11/09/2019





It’s looks very much as though HR7 and KA5(ROLI) have now left on migration. We think they both went last Saturday, 7/9/19, weather conditions were right. We arrived at the trailer on the Sunday, looked across to the nest and there was a strange atmosphere of desertion, a strong feeling of emptiness, something no longer there, all of them now left.

They have spent almost 6 months at the Llyn Brenig nest during which time we have followed their lives, welcoming BLUE24 and HR7 back, joyous when she laid eggs, celebrated their chick hatching, in awe of the first sighting of KA5 (ROLI), watching him being ringed and growing up, his helecoptering, fledging, taking to the skies, attempts at fishing, bringing to the nest fish he had caught himself, calling for food from HR7, flying around with his parents and now off on migration.

Yes, we will miss them, but don’t be sad, this is what Osprey must do and they do it well, they need to migrate, it’s part of their survival.

Thank you all for following and supporting us on social media, our web page and visiting us at Llyn Brenig to see the Osprey first hand and share stories with us, we will miss you all too. We have just one request from you all, please join North Wales Wildlife Trust and Dwr Cymru in wishing our Osprey well for a safe migration and look forward to their return to Llyn Brenig.

Please keep in touch over the winter months, we will keep the Osprey pages alive posting snippets of them from time to time.

Many thanks to you all.