Llyn Brenig Osprey Update 31/07/2019


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What a lad! YES, KA5 (Roli) is now catching fish and feeding himself.


After many attempts at fishing but no fish KA5 has finally got the hang of it and is bringing in fish. Monday the 29th was a real family day with all three Ospreys together. We watched BLUE24 and KA5 (Roli) soaring high up in the sky and above the trees together giving us spectacular aerobatic displays. BLUE24 would bring in yet more sticks to add to the already large nest, sometimes KA5 (Roli) spent time with HR7 on the nest and sometimes with BLUE24. It was just great watching the whole family together in the sky, the trees and on the nest.

Just before 5pm KA5 (Roli) left the nest with BLUE24 watching as he tried fishing, he flew down over the water, made a grab and back onto the nest, no fish but a good attempt! At 17.38hrs BLUE24 was on the nest when an Osprey came in with a fish, looks like KA5 (Roli)? The activity at the scopes that followed was frantic! “Is it KA5, are you sure?” “Look through the big scope you’ll get a closer view.” “Yes, I’m sure it’s KA5 (Roli)” HR7 then returned and with him one side and BLUE24 the other side of KA5 (Roli) it was then obvious that KA5 had brought in the fish. Probably the whole of Brenig heard us say in unison

 “Roli has caught a fish, he’s fishing”

Yesterday, 30th, the weather wasn’t brilliant, actually it was awful at times, thundery and downpours, the Ospreys we not to be seen for the most part, probably sheltering deep in the trees. They made an appearance at about 15.20hrs with all 3 on and off the nest and tree perch. At 17.00hrs HR7 and KA5 (Roli) were nowhere to be seen so we were looking at BLUE24 on the tree perch when suddenly she flew across to the nest, yep, there was a very good reason for this, HR7 then landed on the nest with a fish. What happened next was just awesome, KA5(Roli) was right behind HR7 also with a fish! That made getting wet and braving the weather all worth every moment of it!

We left them all on the nest enjoying a meal of 2 fish. What a fantastic family.