Llyn Brenig Osprey Update

Llyn Brenig Osprey Update


Latest Update 17/07/2019

Osprey News 17/7/19

KA5 (Roli) is FISHING

Well……….. he hasn’t actually caught anything yet, but he is trying!

Yesterday, 16th we saw Roli’s (KA5) first attempts at fishing, we felt so privileged. It just happened as we were all looking through the scopes, an absolutely amazing sight, we looked at each afterwards and asked, ‘did we really just see that?’

Now that KA5 (Roli) has fledged it’s a case of find the Ospreys when we get to Llyn Brenig, they are usually either all in the trees or one on the nest and the other 2 in the trees. We always see BLUE24 and HR7 each side of KA5, whether perched in trees, on the nest or flying around together.

Sunday evening we watched KA5 (Roli) fly down the inlet, some minutes later Blue24 took off in the same direction, then almost immediately we saw Roli (KA5) fly back to the nest with BLUE24 right behind him. It looked as though she had decided it was home time.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was another great day watching our Osprey family. All day we watched either BLUE24 flying around with KA5 (Roli) and HR7 watching from the tree top or all three of them flying around together. Just before 14.30 KA5 (Roli) flew out and back onto the nest perch, BLUE24 was on the side of the nest and HR7 still perch on the tree top, then at 14.40 KA5 (Roli) decided to give fishing a go. He left the nest perch, was low flying over the water and tried for a fish, he did this twice, no fish but DA IAWN ROLI, you’ll get there, just a bit more practice! Wow, we actually saw this, what a wonderful experience for us all! Towards evening BLUE24 picked up a fish and we are sure we saw KA5 (Roli) feeding himself and sharing the fish with BLUE24. Afterwards we watched all three flying around together, a spectacle that is so relaxing and exiting at the same time, we left with them all on the nest together.

The Osprey family will be with us until at least the end of August so come along and watch these wonderful birds through our scopes and share some great moments with us at the North Wales Wildlife Trust Osprey Hub at Llyn Brenig, just passed the Sailing Club. It is a free event and everyone is welcome.