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Latest Llyn brenig Update. 9/8/19


The Ospreys are all giving us a bit of a run around now that KA5(ROLI) is enjoying the freedom of the skies. Keeping track of them is becoming a bit of a challenge so many thanks to those of you who have posted photos, shared information, and stopped at the trailer to report sitings of them, this information is very useful to us and much appreciated.

So, what are they all up to?

Through the scopes we have seen them flying together as a family above the tree tops or high in the sky over Gors Maen Llwyd (North Wales Wildlife Trust Reserve next to Llyn Brenig just adjacent to the Osprey nest) and sometimes just two of them which we think are probably HR7 and KA5 (ROLI). We have also had reports of them been seen at the Alwen Reservoir.

KA5 (ROLI) is seen bringing fish to the nest and feeding himself, we noticed he doesn’t share his catch!  Although we see all 3 birds coming to the nest BLUE24 spends more time than HR7 and KA5(ROLI) at the nest site, she is seen back and forth from the nest perch to the nest and going from one side of the nest to the other. She will also fish in Llyn Brenig and bring the fish back to the nest. KA5(ROLI) seems to be spending his time with HR7 and we see them returning to the nest together. They are coming back to the nest in the evening.