BOP update 6/8/21

BOP update 6/8/21


6th August 2021 update

BOP update - 6/8/21 - Another busy day on the Brenig perch

The perch was occupied for the best part of the day. As we have come to expect, LM6 landed on it just after 9.30pm last night and settled down for the night, not leaving until almost 7am this morning.

Less than 3hrs later the 2018 Clywedog chick KS8 showed up again today and hogged the perch for just short of 4hrs. She briefly left and returned a number of times before finally leaving at 1.30pm.

The perch wasn’t vacant for long, though - at 3pm, LJ2 was on the perch for 20 mins or so.

We are impatiently waiting for KA5 (Roli), Brenig’s 2019 chick of Blue24 and HR7, to pay a visit to his natal area. So far, he has been seen a few times at Glaslyn. Come on, Roli - you may bump into KS8 here!