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A swift recovery

Swift - Stefan Johansson

Swift champions wanted

Swifts are charismatic and iconic summer visitors to our towns and villages. They’ve declined drastically by 69% since the mid-90s however, and need help urgently. We’re trying to do this by providing nest-boxes where possible, and engaging people to act for swifts in their own communities.


Why do we want to protect swifts?

Swifts’ amazing airborne, globe-spanning life-stories inspire wonder, and their presence in summer brings urban spaces alive, connecting people to the skies. We believe that swifts disappearing from our streets would be a real loss, and that getting people involved in conserving them locally can have real benefits – for individuals and communities – as well as swifts!

Standing up for swifts

Because swifts depend on us for their nest-sites, they’re a species we can really help in our own villages and towns. Local knowledge and local action can make a difference.

What are we doing?

Thanks to willing hosts, since 2014 we’ve helped install over 300 swift boxes – on houses, schools, community centres, surgeries, chapels, cafes, theatres and university buildings. We’re also protecting threatened sites, recruiting survey volunteers and spreading the word across North Wales about swifts’ decline, and how it can be addressed.

How you can help

Act for swifts in your own community, and help these amazing birds to thrive alongside you.

Send in your swift sightings

We’ve created a special webpage to record swifts on Cofnod – please use it to tell us where you’ve seen them.  

Survey your local swifts

We want to find out how swifts are faring in your village or town, and can train you to help. An hour or so observing swifts on fine spring or summer evenings – what could be better? If you would like help setting up your own survey, or would like to join a training workshop then please contact Ben Stammers (People & Wildlife Officer) - ben.stammers@northwaleswildlifetrust.org.uk 

Make a home for swifts

Consider putting swift boxes up, or creating spaces they can nest in at your home, school or workplace – whenever there’s scaffolding up, there’s an opportunity! Use swift call recordings to attract prospecting pairs. Swift Conservation can offer advice.

Find out more here

Boxes built-in

The best long-term solution to swifts’ housing crisis is to incorporate internal nest-boxes or ‘swift bricks’ within new-build developments. They’re sustainable, low-maintenance, easily installed during building, and have a high take-up rate. Please help us promote them to planners, developers and builders in your local area.

Sponsor a swift box

Not all buildings are suitable for a swift box, but you can still help to support our work by sponsoring a swift box elsewhere in North Wales. In return you will receive a pack containing a factsheet, a giftcard, a swift brooch and a choice of either a swift biscuit cutter or a DVD of Devil Birds, Derek Bromhall's famous classic film on swifts.

Sponsor a swift box

Shaune Kelly (BT Open Reach) putting boxes on Ysgol Dyffryn Ogwen