Ospreys at Llyn Brenig

View from the NWWT Osprey Visitor hub at Llyn Brenig © Kim Boccato

Update 6/9/2019



There is a feeling of ‘time to move on’ as we watch them gradually cutting their ties to the nest and enjoy the freedom of the skies and the surrounding area, returning only every so often to the nest which has been their home for the last five months.

So, who is still here you all want to know, not easy, we can only pass on what we know and our thoughts based on sightings and other factors.

We think BLUE24 has left on migration, she has not been seen for a while now. Our guess is she may have gone on 26/8/19, weather conditions were also favourable on that day. HR7 was seen last week, a sighting of an Osprey on Gors Maen Llwyd (NWWT) was reported last Monday, 2/9/19.

Yesterday, 5/9/19, our attention was diverted from Ospreys to a juvenile Greater Spotted Woodpecker on the peanut feeder near the trailer, just when we thought he couldn’t possibly eat any more, he flew onto the fat feeder to enjoy the rest of the banquet. Back to Osprey, nothing in sight, then yet another distraction, a Buzzard very close to the trailer flying from tree top to tree top before taking to the skies flying low over and around us before gaining height and disappearing into the distance, just magnificent!

Back to Osprey! We then scanned the trees adjoining the nest, in hope rather than expectation, but there he was, sitting on a branch right by the nest, ah, but who? After much observation we are fairly sure it was KA5(ROLI), he remained there for about ½ hour before flying down the inlet, above the nest and then towards Gors Maen Llwyd. Later we had another Osprey sighting in the sky above Gors Maen Llwyd but could not identify which one.

If that was KA5(ROLI) then HR7 will still be at there, it looks very much as though HR7 and KA5(ROLI) are still at Llyn Brenig.