Ospreys at Llyn Brenig

Ospreys on nest © Gary Jones Wildlife Photography

Brenig Update.

Osprey Update 24/4/2020

A brief visit was made to check on the nest on Friday in line with the government’s guidelines on essential travel as essential maintenance work was completely on our Gors Maen Llwyd Nature Reserve on the north shore of the lake.

The weather was beautiful with hardly a cloud in the sky and very little breeze and visibility to the nest was very good. With BLUE24 on the nest and HR7 near by. Video below.

It looks as though they definitely have eggs (we can’t be sure how many). BLUE24 did not move from the nest whilst I was there and it was very much the same last time we updated you all but no intruders today for her to be concerned about.

HR7 was close by, keeping a watchful eye over her from the new perch erected in the winter that overlooks the nest. We hope to be able to share you all the behind the scenes work that has been done up at Brenig in a future blog very soon.

After a while HR7 decided that it was time for breakfast and disappeared from view, returning a while later with a fish.

“We monitor the wellbeing of the Brenig ospreys as part of our essential conservation work, including taking quick photos to verify observations. We are on site as rarely and for as little time as possible, and write our public updates only once back at home. Please do not visit Llyn Brenig which is closed, or Gors Maen Llwyd Nature Reserve until government guidelines permit.”