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Wrexham Industrial Estate Living Landscape


Hare © David Tipling 2020 Vision

Within one of Europe’s largest industrial estates lives an extraordinary range of wildlife that needs our help. Our work brings together people, wildlife and businesses in a novel way. We are improving habitats and making the area more attractive to work in. This not only helps people enjoy working there but attracts more businesses to the area. By doing this, we will be helping to save some of the most charismatic species to be found in Wales. Scroll down for information on what to see, where to explore and how to get involved.

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Clubtail Dragonfly sculpture - Holt (Wrexham)

Clubtail Dragonfly sculpture © NWWT

Our work

Wrexham Project achievements infographic

Our work on the industrial estate is bringing people and wildlife together. We are not only helping natural areas and animals but are getting businesses on board, workers out of their offices on lunchbreaks, and encouraging the wider community to visit.

The achievements include opening up public nature reserves, installing picnic areas, planting orchards, erecting signage, reducing litter, eye-catching sculptures, colourful wildflower verges and roundabouts, improving access and trails, plus enthusing people about the estate. Below are photographs of some of the achievements during the 'Biodiversity Means Business' project.

Hear in detail from the project officer about how we are helping wildlife thrive
Bee Orchid

© Jon Hawkins

Amazing wildlife

Contrary to popular belief, brownfield sites are home to a surprising array of life. They can be second only to ancient woodland for their biodiversity. The bare habitats where warehouses once stood with green strips around them create homes for quite a number of rare species, particularly invertebrates. Below is a selection of some of the headline species we are working to help on the estate.

people and bluebells

© Tom Marshall

Wrexham walks

We are managing two areas of the industrial estate that are public access for people to explore. These are Erlas Black Wood and the Hoya Nature Reserve. In addition, we are opening up footpaths and getting more designated so that workers, locals and visitors can explore, discover and exercise. Below is a map showing where to find the reserves and recommended walks. Please click on the icons and lines for more information.

Badger icons = places to visit

Orange lines = recommended permissive paths and rights of way

Event - moth-trapping

© Ross Hoddinott/2020VISION

Wild events

 ***Coronavirus update*** – all events are suspended due to the lock down, we will update the page once restrictions are lifted and it is safe for groups to meet again.


During 2020 we are running a series of events to introduce the wilder side of the Wrexham Industrial Estate for anyone who would like to get outdoors, get active and learn more about nature. We are running BioBlitzes, Surveys, Photography sessions, Guided Walks and Litter-picking events. All events will be listed on the main events page and on Facebook but the latest Wrexham events will also be shared below for you to see.

Everyone is welcome to come along! All events are free.

Volunteers on the Wrexham Industrial Estate


Getting involved

We'd love you to join in with the project, whether a local, visitor or working on the estate. In the process you will learn new skills, meet great people and get fresh air and exercise in a constructive way. Some of the tasks that we undertake include installing bird and bat boxes, restoring ponds, signage, species surveys, hedge-laying and tree-planting and so much more! There are always new things happening so please get in touch.

Further information

The above is a brief introduction to the project and how to discover the area for yourself. For further information please download the report below:

WIE General info flyer image


We are thankful to the partners below who are involved in the project and bring their expertise in order to achieve more.

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Butterfly Conservation

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If you would like to help wildlife in the Wrexham Industrial Estate Living Landscape please contact:


Henry Cook, Living Landscape Project Officer



North Wales Wildlife Trust,
CH7 5LD.