Our mission

Our mission

We care for wildlife. We work for nature’s recovery. We bring people closer to nature.

Wildlife is under threat

The way we have been living for the past 50 years has caused massive declines in wildlife on land and in the sea.

1 in 10 of our wild plants are at risk of extinction and, these days, you will only see half as many hedgehogs in the countryside than in 2000. There is still much to discover about the wildlife of British seas, but what we do know is that marine plants and animals are suffering massive declines, so we must act quickly and decisively to protect what’s left.

The State of Nature in Wales

Creating a Living Landscape

Our 36 carefully managed nature reserves provide some of North Wales’s most important homes for wildlife and cover some 750 hectares. However, protected reserves alone are not enough if nature is to thrive going forward. 

Nature reserves need to be connected by green corridors so wildlife populations can survive and thrive - we call this a 'Living Landscape'.

Living Landscape strategy

A wild future

Over the coming years we will continue to bring the value of wildlife to local communities, showing how a naturally connected landscape is good for wildlife and society.

Well managed and accessible nature reserves, supported by local people of all ages will be a focus for inspiring events and enjoyment. We will highlight our spectacular marine wildlife, how it is threatened and what we can all do to help it flourish. Through Wildlife Trusts Wales, and the Brexit negotiations, we will continue to seek a better future for wildlife in the farmed landscape.

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