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RT @WTWales: Feel happier, healthier and more connected to nature this June. Sign up for #30DaysWild…

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RT @RSPBSouthStack: @Natures_Voice @jamesdove9 @North_Wales_WT Hello Jim, these are used for the tern chicks to shelter in and hide from pr…

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RT @cheshirelife: How the North Wales Wildlife Trust are helping terns at the Cemlyn nature reserve @North_Wales_WT

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RT @PlantlifeCymru: Ogla’ garlleg – gwanwyn! Blodau craf y geifr yng Nghoed Crafnant @North_Wales_WT…

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RT @PlantlifeCymru: Can anyone smell garlic? The ramsons are in full bloom in Coed Crafnant! @North_Wales_WT https:…

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Beth sy mlaen

Clints and Grykes

Thursday 26th May 2016,
10.00am - 1.00pm

Venue: Bryn Pydew

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A-Z of Wildlife

Photo of Brown Hare

Name: Brown Hare

Scientific name: Lepus europaeus

Category: Mammals

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