Lacey Lecture 2017 - Return of the Beaver

Tickets available here to purchase (Venue Cymru, Llandudno - Friday 17th November).

Join North Wales Wildlife Trust for our annual Lacey Lecture. Peter Smith from the Wildwood Trust and partner of our Welsh Beaver Project presents a whirlwind exploration of these fascinating creatures.

Beavers have the potential to make a big difference to our Welsh river and wetland ecosystems. What are the changes they could bring? How might they affect other species and what are the wider environmental and economic effects they might have?

Enjoy some refreshments; discover more about the amazing work of the Wildlife Trust; and pick up a special wildlife Christmas gift from our visiting shop!

At the fantastic Venue Cyrmu, Llandudno. Friday 17th November, 7pm to 9.30pm.



Early Bird tickets £10 from your local branch. Or £12 (+booking fee) from Venue Cymru box office (01492 872000 or


A brief history

The annual Lacey Lecture, presented by the Wildlife Trust is a tradition which has been going for over 15 years. It is in memory of Professor William Lacey, known by everyone as ‘Bill’ Lacey. For those who may not know of him, he was a prominent figure in the Botany Department of University College North Wales in Bangor, where he achieved great academic distinction and international standing in palaeobotany. He was also an inspirational teacher and a practical man when it came to conservation.

Bill Lacey took a keen and active interest in the natural history of his surroundings, and inspired many others to do likewise. Together with a small group of friends and colleagues, he helped establish the North Wales Naturalists’ Trust in 1963 to acquire Cors Goch, an Anglesey fen that had been saved from use as a landfill site. He became the Trust’s first Secretary, was 14 years our Chairman and then our President.

He was an academic, teacher and practical conservationist of great skill and dedication and the Trust is grateful to Bill and to his family for the time and energy they have given to wildlife.

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