Remember, remember, the 5th of November …

Wednesday 1st November 2017

As bonfire night approaches remember to check first that a hedgehog has not already taken up residence!

Every year numbers of hedgehogs die or suffer injuries due to bonfire piles not being checked before being lit. To help prevent hedgehogs and other wildlife from suffering, it is advised by The British Hedgehog Preservation Society to avoid building your bonfire until the day it is going to be lit - this will reduce the chances of hedgehogs taking up residence in the bonfire pile for hibernation. Always make sure you build your bonfire on clear ground (not on top of leaf litter) and don't forget to check your bonfire before lighting too!

Hedgehogs are found across the UK, absent only from some Scottish islands. Gardens, hedgerows, woodlands, grasslands, parkland and cemeteries are all important hedgehog habitats. Adult hedgehogs travel between 1-2km per night over home ranges between 10-20 hectares in size. In suburban areas, this means they range over entire housing estates and neighbourhoods.

Combined, our gardens provide a space for wildlife larger than all our National Nature Reserves, so by gardening in a wildlife-friendly way, we can help our spiny companions to find a home and move safely between habitats to find mates and food.

Hedgehogs are in trouble
The once common hedgehog is now under threat from development and habitat loss caused by the reduction of hedgerows and increase in intensification of our agricultural landscapes.

In just the last 10 years, hedgehog numbers have fallen by 30%, and there are now thought to be fewer than one million left in the UK. They are disappearing from our countryside as fast as tigers are worldwide.

Build a hedgehog home
Offer your local hedgehog a safe place in your garden by building them a home. They are simple and cheap to make! DOWNLOAD our activity sheet to create your own. 

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