Minera Quarry – ours at last!

Minera Quarry (c) Simon MillsMinera Quarry (c) Simon Mills

It’s been a long time coming, but the signatures are on the dotted lines.

Please note: Minera Quarry is not yet officially open to the public as essential safety work is currently underway.

Minera Quarry is a disused quarry of c.40ha near Minera, Coedpoeth, Gwynfryn and Wrexham. The site has been associated with the extraction of limestone for over 200 years, with operations finally ceasing in 1994. Parts of the quarry have regenerated naturally and now host many rare and threatened habitats and species, as well as industrial heritage (incorporating banks of disused lime kilns and the Hoffmann Kiln complex: both Scheduled Ancient Monuments) and an impressive system of natural limestone caves.

The quarry’s wildlife today, covered by several statutory designations, includes at least three species of bat (lesser horsehoe, brown long-eared, Natterer’s) and cliff-dwelling birds such as peregrine falcon and raven. Perhaps most important of all, however, is its fabulous plant community, featuring many species specialising in limestone grassland (pyramidal, fragrant, marsh and frog orchids, round-leaved wintergreen, butterwort, autumn gentian, yellow bird’s nest, moonwort … the list goes on!).

NWWT have worked with with Tarmac, Minera Quarry’s previous owners, to transfer the land to the Wildlife Trust. (Tarmac have made a significant contribution to the essential safety work that will be taking place over the coming months – thank you!) We want to safeguard the site for the future in partnership with local people and make it a true community asset, with access routes and trails around key features; an ongoing series of public events; and of course a programme of essential conservation work including scrub clearance and the reintroduction of long-absent controlled grazing.

Public Rights of Way are unaffected by the change of ownership.