Welsh Wildlife Heroes

Wildlife is still vanishing from Wales, but with your help we can stop this.

Have you ever wondered what happens to all those five pences that we pay when we've forgotten our shopping bags? In Wales, all branches of The Co-op donate the single-use carrier bag charge to Wildlife Trusts Wales so that we can continue our work to protect wildlife for the future.

Working in partnership with the Co-op we deliver the Welsh Wildlife Heroes project which is themed around health and wellbeing and encourages people to get more active in their community through volunteering. The Co-op is an active partner and engages its members, customers and colleagues to support the project. Visit www.coop.co.uk for more information.

Facts and figures

  • £450,000 has been invested in environmental projects across Wales.
  • 7,790 people have been reached through the project.
  • 1,146 children have been involved with the project so far through 38 school visits.

Download the 'Partnering to Protect Welsh Wildlife' leaflet to read about the full impact of the project so far..

In North Wales, our Co-op-funded ‘Places for People and Wildlife’ project is ensuring that a wide range of people from local communities around our nature reserves benefit from the health and well-being opportunities our nature reserves provide.

We aim to help local people:

  • engage in connecting with and protecting their local wildlife
  • enjoy safe, wildlife-rich green space in places where we can help inspire them about the natural world
  • become inspired to be involved in the care of their local nature reserves, promoting teamwork, reducing loneliness, and fostering a sense of community cohesion
  • enjoy better places to visit and in which to live and work
  • feel an increased sense of ownership for the land we care for
  • understand the value of a wildlife-rich environment to them, to play their part in caring for it, and to change their own behaviour by reducing their own environmental impact
  • develop their own skills and confidence, whether through hedge-laying, citizen science or hurdle-making!
  • understand how outdoor physical activity improves personal health
  • have enjoyable wildlife experiences, whether through fruit tree planting, apple-picking or wildflower meadow management!

Ultimately, North Wales will have a network of improved nature reserves: providing a reservoir for species and habitats that supports the wider development of resilient ecosystems.