'How to' Guides

Turn your garden into a wildlife wonderland!

Where and how do I start?

Our top ten tips leaflet gives you a good starting point…..

Or for more detailed information...

From attracting mammals to building a pond, our helpful 'how to' guides provide you with useful tips and step by step instructions for your garden.

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how_to_attract_butterflies.pdf575 KB
how_to_make_compost.pdf320.66 KB
how_to_attract_mammals.pdf338.16 KB
how_to_build_bird_boxes.pdf325.75 KB
how_to_build_a_pond_2.pdf1.22 MB
how_to_make_a_meadow.pdf496.43 KB
how_to_attract_butterflies_cymraeg.pdf608.14 KB
how_to_make_compost_cymraeg.pdf352.34 KB
how_to_attract_mammals_cymraeg.pdf295 KB
how_to_build_bird_boxes_cymraeg.pdf309.84 KB
how_to_make_a_meadow_cymraeg.pdf538.64 KB
pollinators_short_plantlist_for_wales_sept_23.doc85 KB