What is Wildlife Gardening?

What is Wildlife Gardening?

Wildlife gardening is the act of cultivating or tending a garden with a focus on growing plants and creating habitats that benefit local wildlife. This could be by planting nectar rich plants or plants that produce plentiful seed in the autumn and winter, building a pond, putting up nest boxes or leaving wild areas for nesting birds. There are many ways to increase the wildlife in your garden. See our 10 top tips for ideas on how to make your garden more wildlife friendly.

Why do we do wildlife gardening?

‘Gardening is good for the soul, wildlife gardening is even better for the soul’. Gardening gets you active and out in the fresh air, it is often quite a social hobby especially on allotments or where chatting over the hedge is possible. Gardening with wildlife in mind can be as aesthetically pleasing as creating a more formal or ornamental garden and it is giving something back to your local wildlife. Your own garden joined with thousands of other gardens creates one big nature reserve, a green corridor.

You will be rewarded by the seeing and hearing more birds, butterflies, hedgehogs and other wild creatures that would not have had a reason to visit you before.

Where and how do I start?

Our Ten top tips leaflet gives you a good starting point, see below.

For more detailed information see our "How to Guides"


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