Cemlyn - Trouble on the Horizon

We need your help to protect Cemlyn Nature Reserve and the international and nationally important wildlife of the north Anglesey coast from damaging nuclear power station proposals.

Through the winter of 2016 the Wildlife Trust indicated our objections to Horizon about how they were then proposing to develop the Wylfa site. We now have a further opportunity to comment on the proposed nuclear power station development and would like you, our members and supporters, to join our voice.

We recognise the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to tackle climate change and increase energy generation from non-carbon based sources. However, if this proposal were to go ahead, it is critical that it is built to the highest environmental standards and with minimal impacts to the coast of north Anglesey and its iconic wildlife. Currently, NWWT do not belief that this will be the case.

If Wylfa Newydd is approved and without delays, it will take another 10 years to build, covering an area the size of Cemaes. Even before the power station receives permission it is anticipated that in the next 12 months this area will be stripped of all above ground features (ie walls, cloddiau, fences) and cleared of vegetation (eg trees and hedgerows).

A development of such enormous scale cannot avoid impacts to wildlife and there are many reasons to object to its construction. These include:

  • Works taking place within 110m of the internationally designated Cemlyn Nature Reserve and subsequent impacts to the breeding tern colony: the only Welsh site where Sandwich terns breed.
  • Tre’r Gof SSSI fen being surrounded by construction and directly receiving the development’s drainage
  • Direct loss of habitat for many species, some internationally protected, including water vole, otter, great crested newt, European eel, Red Data Book mud-snails, chough, adder, brown hare, red squirrel and hedgehog
  • Unknown impacts on the marine environment and coastal processes by the construction of a new harbour and harbour wall (breakwaters).

If you care about Cemlyn and the wildlife of north Anglesey, please act now :

  • Read the consultation (click here) and express any concerns you may have.
  • We have prepared some guidance notes (click here) to help you write your response (remember the Horizon Consultation closes on 22nd June 2017!).
  • Cemlyn Nature Reserve - Guided Walk
    Thursday 22nd June, 7:00pm - 9:00pm

    Join us for this special walk to show your support for the Wildlife Trust campaign to protect the important wildlife of the north Anglesey coast from damaging nuclear power station proposals. (Event details)

  • Keep up to date on how the campaign is developing by following us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribing to our e-newsletter

  • Visit Cemlyn and the beautiful landscape of north Anglesey yourself to discover why it is so important

  • Read more about the amazing wildlife at Cemlyn


Find out more:

  • Why Wylfa was chosen as a site for a new nuclear power station (click here for National Policy Statement for Nuclear Power Generation (EN-6))
  • Ecological Options paper – you can download the summary or full report below.

    A tripartite group of wildlife NGOs has formed between the National Trust, North Wales Wildlife Trust and the RSPB, which has prepared this paper following increasing and significant concerns along with disappointment about progress by Horizon in relation to ecological options (avoidance, mitigation and compensation) for the Wylfa Newydd proposal.

Thank you!
We are extremely grateful to players of People’s Postcode Lottery, whose financial support has allowed us to appoint a Biodiversity Planning Consultant to represent the Wildlife Trust. We also value the contribution to this work made by several volunteers, with expert knowledge of Cemlyn and its wildlife.




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