Make your nest box in time for National Nest box week

Thursday 1st February 2018

'National Nest Box Week' is on its way! This gives us all an incentive to put a box up in our gardens – download our guide and read on for more details …


Gardens are an important source of food and shelter for birds and even the smallest garden can support at least one nest box. More than 60 different types of bird are known to use nest boxes, from tits, sparrows and spotted flycatchers to kestrels and tawny owls. Many once-common garden birds such as sparrows and song thrushes are declining countrywide. By creating a living garden with a rich variety of habitats we will help and attract birds and they will in turn help us with pest control, good company and a free concert!


The best place to start is our pre-made instruction sheet:

(Yes, natural nest holes don't come in 'standard' sizes – but please use the suggested sizes as a guide!) Remember, the inside front surface should be rough, for the young birds to clamber up, and don’t nail the lid down as you will need to clean out the box with hot water in autumn! Instead, use a catch or bit of wire to keep it closed.

Need a little more help or inspiration?

Why not come along to our nest box workshop? Llys Garth, Bangor, 19 February, 10:00-13:00. Contact to book your place, or see our website for more information.